Foursquare releases a new Windows Phone app redesign

Joseph Finney

Foursquare releases a new Windows Phone app redesign

Foursquare now has two apps for Windows Phone and they are both great apps. Now that the check-ins have been separated into Swarm; the Foursquare app is focused on recommendations and tips. With the new 4.0 update Foursquare is a good example of a well-designed modern app on Windows Phone and the app is now a universal app as well.

Since breaking into two apps Foursquare has been focused on building a user base which won’t flee to Facebook for their check-in needs. By using data from previous check-ins and interests, Foursquare can keep users on their platform by offering better recommendations than their competitors. Making a compelling app on every platform is important to keep and gain users on any device. Since their app is on Windows as well, Foursquare can have their recommendation engine on every Windows 8 computer, laptop, and tablet.

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The new Windows Phone app is very fast and well designed. The updated Windows version has yet to hit the store at the time of writing this, but it is good to see that the app is universal. Making a universal app will hopefully help users get relevant recommendations regardless of what device they are using. Both apps still lack Cortana integration but they do have equal capabilities as their Android and iOS rivals. The app is fast but could use just a little polish to get the UI smooth and steady without the choppy navigating. Regardless, the app is fully featured and looks great, so go grab it for all your recommendation and check-in needs!