Forza Motorsport promises to be the most accessible driving game yet

Robert Collins

The Forza franchise has been at the forefront of improving accessibility in gaming for those with handicaps and disabilities. A few examples of this are Forza Horizon 5‘s compatibility with 3DRap’s Hand Controller for handicapped racers and sign language support with captions for the hearing impaired.

In the upcoming Forza Motorsport, developer Turn 10 Studios looks to take accessibility one step further with some innovative new features to make their highly anticipated racing sim accessible for as many gamers as possible.

Blind driving assists

One exciting new feature for the vision impaired will be the implementation of blind driving assists (BDA). But how do they work? By supplying a set of audio cues to help drivers navigate the game’s many racetracks. These cues provide detailed descriptions of the track as well as audible info regarding driver’s position in the race and other data.

BDA Hero Image

One touch driving

This feature is for those with mobility and stamina handicaps. This includes more control customization with enhanced assists for steering, braking, shifting and more.

Other new accessibility features coming to Forza Motorsport

There are also a slew of other features that will be introduced in Forza Motorsport to make it one of the most accessible games ever. See the list below.

  • Screen narrator
  • Dynamic Audio Description
  • Text-to-Speech/Speech-to-Text
  • UI Colorblindness Modes
  • World Colorblindness Filters
  • Controller Remapping
  • Subtitles
  • Audio Customization Settings
  • Opponent Difficulty
  • Text Scaling
  • Raised Contrast setting for UI and HUD
  • Moving Backgrounds

You can find a more detailed rundown of these features over on Xbox Wire. And don’t be surprised if the Turn 10 team has even more up its sleeve in the accessibility department.

Forza Motorsport is one of the most anticipated Xbox titles of 2023. It represents a reboot of the series, and while it does not yet have a release date, it is likely still on for a launch sometime in the latter half of the year.