Former CoD, Apex Legends and Titanfall developers form new game studio Wildlight Entertainment

Robert Collins

A group of game development veterans have joined to create a new game studio named Wildlight Entertainment.

A “remote first” studio with offices in Los Angeles and Seattle, Wildlight Entertainment describes itself as a “fully-funded entertainment studio hyper-focused on creating big, bold, original gaming universes of epic quality and scale.”

The 28-member team is comprised partly of former Respawn developers who’ve worked on Titanfall and Apex Legends. Other member’s credits include the likes of Call of Duty, Halo, Uncharted, and God of War. With a developer pedigree like that, we can only expect good things from Wildlight Entertainment going forward.

The studio states on its website that it has “been quietly working on a new IP for some time,” and emphasizes that “it’ll be a bit before we can say more.”

Several key positions are still open over on the site’s Join Us page, including those for Principal Graphics Engineer, Senior Gameplay Engineer and others.

Via Destructoid.

Featured image via Eurogamer.