Forbes report: Google’s AI-driven search tool showcases instances of plagiarism

Priya Walia

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Forbes’ recent report reveals that Google’s latest search engine powered by Artificial Intelligence shows signs of plagiarism.

According to the author of the report, the tech giant’s search tool surpasses other AI tools, such as ChatGPT, as it provides more precise responses. However, the reason for this accuracy is linked to Google’s AI reproducing content from the internet in the form of semi-plagiarism. This raises concerns about ethical considerations.

Upon accessing Google’s latest search feature, the writer inquired whether live oysters could be stored in a refrigerator. Google, in response, generated three well-crafted paragraphs that were both visually appealing and easily understandable. The accuracy of the answer was commendable, albeit not without flaws.

Although the accuracy was high, it was noted that the reason for this was not ideal, as minor words had been merely swapped out. This observation hinted at potential plagiarism issues, as similar sentences had already been found in existing articles online. For instance, synonyms like “store” and replacing “keep” were the primary alterations made by Google’s AI in generating the answer.

“There are positive and negative things about this new Google Search experience. If you followed Google’s advice, you’d probably be just fine storing your oysters in the fridge, which is to say you won’t get sick. But, again, the reason Google’s advice is accurate brings us immediately to the negative: It’s just copying from websites and giving people no incentive to actually visit those websites,” the author said.

According to Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Bing at Microsoft, Google Bard utilizes a “significantly smaller model” in comparison to Bing Chat. Parakhin made the remark in response to a comment praising Bard for its speed relative to Bing Chat.

Specifically, a user highlighted Bard’s speed but noted that this was the only area in which it had an advantage over Bing Chat. Parakhin confirmed the said advantage of Bard over Bing Chat and attributed it to Google’s smaller model. “True. They have a much smaller model,” he wrote on Twitter.

Via Forbes