Fly Delta app for Windows phone is grounded

Kareem Anderson

Another one bites the dust. Today, the folks behind the Fly Delta app for Windows Phone are offering a statement about the impending lack of support for the app and the eventual retirement of the service on phones powered by Windows.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience as this app is no longer supported. You can always visit from your mobile phone to book a flight, check in and view flight status.

Once again, Windows Phone users are being encouraged to do their holiday bookings and travels with Delta’s mobile website rather than the dedicated app.

Fortunately, this may not be the final chapter on Delta’s development for Windows, as Windows Central points out, there is an odd update button that may give hints to a possible UWP app down the road. While some app developers are leaving the Windows Phone platform for good, users have seen many retool and return with updated cross-platform spanning UWP apps.

Perhaps it’s just a matter of time before the Fly Delta app is replaced with something better and in the advent that it is not, the Windows team is working hard on making its browser experience as fluid and functional as a dedicated app on mobile.