Fluent 3D emoji could come soon to Windows 11

Pranav Bhardwaj

Microsoft has finally announced the availability of the long-awaited Fluent 3D Emojis in the latest Windows 11 preview build. The company claims that these new emojis will bring “more expression to your communications.” The new emojis could soon come to stable version of Windows 11 after the successful implementation in the Canary Channel.

Back in 2021, when Microsoft launched Windows 11, it also revealed redesigned emojis for its new operating system and other products like Teams and Office. However, the emojis that were eventually shipped with Windows 11 were flat and lacked the anticipated 3D appearance. This discrepancy left many users feeling let down and wishing for the promised Fluent 3D Emojis.

Now, with the release of Windows 11 build 25905 in the Canary Channel, Microsoft has made the Fluent 3D Emojis available for testing. Developers have updated the COLRv1 format, which has resulted in Windows displaying emojis with a “3D-like appearance.” This new build offers users a chance to experience the improved and more expressive emojis firsthand.

To access the Fluent 3D Emojis in Windows 11 build 25905, users can simply press Win + ; (semicolon) to open the emoji panel. However, it’s important to note that while the panel now renders 3D-like emojis, most applications still utilize the older flat variant. Additionally, animated emojis are only supported in select apps like Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft has also announced that 3D emoji support will be arriving soon in “some apps and browsers,” indicating that they plan to update Edge, Notepad, and other programs to support Fluent 3D Emojis. While the availability of these emojis may be limited at the moment, it is certainly a positive step towards fulfilling the promise made almost two years ago.

For users who wish to explore the Fluent 3D Emojis in more detail, Microsoft has released the Fluent Emoji Gallery app, available for free download from the Microsoft Store. This app allows users to browse the extensive emoji collection and export emojis in three different styles (monochrome, flat, and Fluent) and various formats.

Via: Neowin