FLAC support for Windows 10 mobile devices is confirmed

Staff Writer

FLAC support for Windows 10 mobile devices is confirmedIf you are a hardcore audiophile then you’ll be excited to hear that FLAC support will be coming to Windows 10 phones and small tablets. FLAC is an audio coding format of lossless compression. Those passionate about the ability will not see it right away, but in Insider builds within the next few months.

Many music lovers have praised FLAC audio files for their high quality and lack of distortion normally caused by compression. The experience is objective for each listener, as a good number of people can’t discern the differences. It should be noted that to hear that higher quality FLAC recording a high-quality audio source is required.

While FLAC is extremely size efficient when compared to other lossless audio formats, it is much larger than the standard MP3 file that many people are used to using. If you are happy with your audio files now, are streaming Spotify, or can’t imagine spending more than $20 on a pair of headphones – FLAC isn’t for you.

Otherwise, get excited because Windows 10 is bringing high-quality audio to smartphones and smaller sized tablets.