Fitbit gets a speed boost in new Windows 10 Mobile & PC app update

Brad Stephenson

Fitbit Surge

The official Fitbit app has updated to Version 2.26.2 across Windows 10 Mobile, PC, HoloLens, and Xbox One and while there hasn’t been any significant new features added, the app now runs dramatically faster on Windows phones.

Until now, the Fitbit app had been quite sluggish on Windows phones and would often take a while to load different screens and sync information. Navigation and syncing is now almost instantaneous which should come as a relief to users.

The previous update (Version 2.26.2) which was pushed out just over a week ago was a bit more interesting and fixed a few issues and added some more functionality to the app when it was used on a Windows 10 PC. Here’s the release notes:

  • You can now create playlists to download to Fitbit Ionic using the new drag-and-drop feature in the Windows 10 desktop app. First, create a playlist, then drag and drop the songs you want to include. For more information, see How do I listen to music and podcasts on my Fitbit watch?
  • You can no longer change a playlist while music is transferring.
  • We fixed a problem where some customers couldn’t confirm their Strava account on Ionic.
  • We fixed some bugs and made stability improvements.

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Developer: Fitbit
Price: Free