First look at Windows Phone Tango and Content Search?


With the recent release of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, new reports are surfacing of a possible new build of Windows Phone 7 floating around that is speculated to be the next iteration of the successor to Mango, codenamed “Tango.”

Post-RTM builds of Windows Phone 7.5 were seen in server logs of a Windows Phone application. This was the description posted of the new global search tool in build 8200:

“Content Search (Build 8200 Tango), it more or less works, first it’s finding content directly on the phone, and then on the web, the good thing is that Facebook pages work now (finally), i don´t know about twitter/LinkedIn, i haven’t them synced up, voice activated searching is also possible, similar function what iPhone has.”

According to wpcentral, Tango is speculated to be the next iteration of the Windows Phone operating system, after Mango. Tango build 8200 and anything after is considered an interim release bringing new features, bug fixes, and will stand its ground until Windows Phone 8 (codename Apollo) hits.

We will keep you updated as this story develops.