Firefox can handle “ridiculous numbers of tabs” in versions 55 and 56

Jack Wilkinson


Over the years, Firefox has lagged behind when it comes to performance. Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, has turned its focus to improving the performance of its web browser, under the project name of Quantum Flow.

To illustrate the improvements being made as part of Quantum Flow, Mozilla developer Dietrich Ayala outlines, from his own personal tests, how Firefox performs with 1691 tabs under different versions. To start with, Ayala shows how the startup time has been drastically reduced from minutes to seconds:

Firefox Quantum Flow Startup Time

Even better, the use of 1691 tabs now uses less than half a gig of RAM. Keep in mind, however, that these stats are without web page rendering being taken into account, as the point of the tests are to show how Firefox itself has improved, as opposed to web page performance:

Firefox Quantum Flow RAM

As the tests show, Firefox versions 55 and 56 are the best performing out of Firefox so far, since version 20.