Firefox 13 Beta brings SPDY networking support and redesigned tabs


With Opera recently launching a beta version of Opera 12, lets not forget about Mozilla. The company has recently released Firefox 13 Beta and along with the release comes a few new changes under the hood. Firefox 13 brings SPDY networking support as well as a redesigned Homepage tab and New tab.

Firefox 13 Beta now supports SPDY by default, which is a protocol designed as a successor to HTTP which reduces the amount of time it takes to load a website. SPDY works by encrypting all communication with SSL and untimately makes browsing more secure and faster. Aside from SPDY, Firefox 13 Beta brings a newly redesigned Homepage and New Tab. The Homepage now has easy access to Bookmarks, History, Settings, Add-ons, Downloads and Sync Preferences with one-click shortcuts while the New Tab has a Google Chrome-like feature which allows you to see your recently and frequently visited websites. Firefox 13 Beta also has a “Tabs on Demand” feature that restores all open tabs when restarting Firefox. The Beta also features some developer tools updates. Head over to the download link to try out Firefox 13 Beta if you haven’t already.