Find winning lottery numbers on Bing

Dave W. Shanahan

The recent biggest Powerball jackpot ever stood at a staggering 1.5 billion (US) before it was claimed by winners in California, Tennessee, and Florida. Bing created a better and easier way to display lottery-related search results. Bing created a new lottery experience that displays all the relevant lottery information, even providing the winning numbers for the most recent lottery.

Much like the other ways that Bing displays educational topics, sports scores, and other information, Bing extended that service to include the results of lottery-related searches. There are thirteen times as many searches for lottery-related topics than for pension related exploration. Moreover, lottery-related searches beat out “401k” inquiries at a ratio of 10-to-1.

Bing lottery
Bing lottery

In the US, it is estimated that more than $2 billion in lottery winnings go unclaimed every year, but most people don’t realize that there could be secondary prizes. Bing believes that part of the problem is the lack of convenience in going to various websites to get the pertinent information that users need. Users can use search terms like “Powerball,” and “Michigan lottery,” to get Bing results. Bing’s lottery answers include winning numbers, the next drawing date, and the current estimated jackpot.

Bing provides other relevant lottery information such as the odds of winning, prize drawing times, and the price of a lottery ticket. Bing can also provide information on related lotteries within a state, so users can maximize their opportunities to win the next big lottery payday. Check out Bing’s lottery infographic for more lottery fun facts.