Final code for Windows Phone 8.1 due for completion on April 8th


Final code for Windows Phone 8.1 due 8 April

April is a busy month for Microsoft. Build, the end of support for Windows XP, the end of support for Office 2003, and the release of Windows 8.1 Update to name but a few. But there’s also Windows Phone 8.1 to consider. Not long ago we learnt the official name, and yesterday we were treated to a demonstration of many of the new features we have to look forward to. But the question that is on everyone’s lips is “when will we get it?”

It’s still not entirely clear when the update will be delivered to handsets — although it is unlikely to be too long from now — but a week ago we thought that the final code had been delivered to handset manufacturers. Just a few days later it seemed as though there were still a few changes that needed to be made to code.

In the latest twist, a Microsoft email seen by Neowin talks about the “Final Adaptation Kit build” of Windows Phone 8.1. Additional work “to improve the commercialization aspects of the product” is due for completion on 8th April — so under a week to go — and will form the final version of Windows Phone 8.1 which will be known, at least internally, as Windows Phone 8.1 QFE1 Final Adaptation Kit Build.

This should make its way to handset manufacturers by 14th April, although we’re not going to see new handsets released for at least a couple of weeks after that. There is still no news about when owners of Windows Phone 8 handset can expect to download the update, but hopefully we’ll have more information soon.