Final Beta test of Star Wars The Old Republic to take place November 25th


BioWare is giving eager video game beta testers one final chance to stress test Star Wars: The Old Republic beginning November 25th until November 28th. With the expected hype of the game, expect thousands and possibly millions of players to beta test the title in just that time period.

Any gamer who registered to beta test the title prior to November 11th is automatically included in the upcoming stress-test.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is not necessarily in an open beta, but those who are interested in the final beta test can grab a beta key from here.

For those who have previously tested the game, you will have to re-download the game client since it has numerous changes, unless you were invited to the 11-13th of November Beta Testing Weekend, you will only need to patch the game client for this upcoming Beta Testing Weekend.

“Sign up for an opportunity to become a Star Wars: The Old Republic game tester. We will be selecting community members who have completed the Game Testing registration process and meet the specific requirements of the test. Those that are selected will gain access to the game and be able to provide valuable feedback for the Star Wars: The Old Republic Development Team,” states the official beta tester signup page.

BioWare expects this to be the final beta before the game gets released.