FileEx is a feature rich file explorer app for Windows Phone 8.1


FileEx is a feature rich file explorer app for Windows Phone 8.1

While some of you might find no interest in a file manager for Windows Phone, there will be some who are itching to have this feature native in Windows Phone. While we have yet to see an official file manager make its appearance, there are several alternative apps out there – one of them being FileEx.

“FileEx is the first real file explorer for your phone. You are now free to browse all folders and files in your phone a perform multiple operations – moving, copying, deleting folders and even sharing and renaming multiple files at once is no problem for FileEx! To access folders and files faster you can use the Favorites feature and can also pin any item for fast access. The user interface is very simple and streamlined and uses your selected accent color to make sure the experience is just awesome!” the app description reads.

FileEx is built with XAML and consumes a much smaller memory footprint compared to many other file manager apps out there. You can move, copy, and delete multiple files and folders with this app at once! In fact, you can even share files via NFC, Bluetooth, Mail, or any share-enabled app in bulk, as well as batch rename files.

FileEx even prompts you if you are copying a file with the same name, allowing you to choose the option to overwrite the file, or merge it. You can even save your favorite folders and files to your Start screen, with a transparent tile of course! Here are the key features of this app:

  • Browsing any folder in your phone or on SD card
  • Copying, moving, deleting and renaming multiple files and folders
  • Sharing multiple files (including NFC, e-mail and Bluetooth)
  • Easy-to-use, streamlined UI
  • Launch any file directly from any assigned app
  • Favorite folders
  • Pinning folders and files (with transparent tiles!)
  • Thumbnails or icons for known types of files

The app is free, but comes with ads. You can purchase the premium version of the app via an in-app purchase. The app developer promises new features in the future, including ZIP support and OneDrive integration. Premium users will be able to get access to beta versions of the app, along with the ability to contact the developer directly for feedback or suggestions. FileEx is also working to become a universal app with Windows 8.1 support, and your premium status will work across all devices!

Hit the download link below to snag this app!