‘False error message’ appears when installing Dec 2013 Surface Pro 2 firmware update


'False error message' appears when installing Dec 2013 Surface Pro 2 firmware update

Just recently, we reported on an issue that came up with Surface Pro 2 owners experiencing an error code (80070490) when attempting to install the latest December 2013 firmware update. Numerous Surface Pro 2 owners took it to Microsoft’s official support forum to gain some insight as to why this error message would come up – causing those who faced the issue to believe they were never able to install the update.

Well, it looks like the firmware update actually did install successfully. Except, a ‘false error message’ appears stating that the firmware update experienced an error – making you believe the update never went through.

“Some people may by experiencing a false error message, 80070490. The firmware update should be installing correctly; however, if you received this error message, we recommend that you go to Device Manager check the firmware history to ensure the latest update installed. If it did not install correctly, please let us know on this forum so we can work to fix the issue. Thank you for your patience and know we are in the process of addressing this issue,” a Microsoft spokesperson told WinBeta.

So there you have it. Don’t fret, chances are you actually do have the Dec 2013 firmware update installed. Either way, Microsoft is looking into why the false error message appears.