Facebook Messenger Beta for Windows 10 Mobile now available for download

Brad Stephenson

Facebook’s Beta version of its Messenger app is now available to download on Windows 10 Mobile devices. It had previously only been released on Windows 10 PCs but after several updates and refinements to that version, it looks like Facebook is ready to begin testing on smartphones.

The Beta version of Facebook Messenger is basically the same as the public version which most users already have on their devices. The main difference is that this app is used by Facebook to test features and design changes before rolling them out to a larger userbase. While this does mean that Beta users will have more features available to them, the app will also likely be more glitchy than the regular one and could crash or malfunction in unexpected ways. It’s important to remember that this app is primarily used for testing by Facebook and should not be judged as if it were a final, public release.

Not much is said about Messenger (Beta) in the Windows Store, but the following features are listed:

  • Get notifications so you never miss a message
  • See when you have messages waiting for you with a live tile
  • Send photos, videos, GIFs and more
  • Bring your conversations to life with stickers
  • Know when people have seen your messages
  • Create groups for the people you message most—name them and set group photos
  • Forward messages or photos to people who weren’t in the conversation
  • Search for people and groups to quickly get back to them

We got our hand on Facebook Messenger (Beta) on PC about a month ago and found it to be very similar to the iOS version but with some missing functionality. Are you going to give this beta version a try or will you wait until the official launch sometime in the future? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Messenger (Beta)
Messenger (Beta)
Developer: Meta
Price: Free