Facebook Beta app for Windows 10 Mobile snags minor update

Mark Coppock

Although Facebook is planning to offer a Universal Windows app for the platform, the current version in the Windows Store remains a Microsoft’s-lead project. The Facebook Beta app provides some benefits beyond the original version, and it received an update today in some regions offering a few minor changes (via plaffo.com).

Facebook Beta Update

According to plaffo.com, here’s the changelog for version 10.1.102 (the previous version was 10.1.101):

– New graphics
– Chance to see the stickers in the comments
– New animations during the opening and closing of the images
– Support interactive notifications

Nothing too major there, although the interactive notifications sound promising. Note that not everyone has received the update yet (including some of us here at WinBeta), but nonetheless, it’s good to see Microsoft updating the app in the absence of an official version.

Facebook Beta
Facebook Beta
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