Facebook begins blocking use of Messenger from Windows Phone 8.x

Arif Bacchus

Facebook Messenger Windows 10 Mobile

A few days ago word got out that Facebook would be ending support for Messenger and Facebook on older Windows Phone and Windows devices. Today the folks at Aggiornamentilumia.it have confirmed that the social networking website is indeed now blocking the use of Messenger from Windows Phone 8.x.

According to the report, some users who are using the Facebook apps on Windows Phone 8.x are getting blocked, receiving a certain message when trying to connect to the Facebook servers. Specifically, the message notifies users that “From today, March 29 posts will no longer be supported in the version of the app you’re using.” The block is apparently now in the process of being rolled out, so not all Windows Phone 8.x users are being prevented from using the client at the time, but it’s certain that once the Facebook server is adjusted, all Windows Phone 8.x users will be blocked from using Messenger on their devices.

For these Windows Phone 8.x users, the only solution would be to log into Facebook mobile in Internet Explorer, or to upgrade the device to Windows 10 Mobile, or just buy a new device. Windows 10 Mobile users, however, are not affected by this, since the newer version of the app will be supported for years to come.