Eyefi Mobi upgraded to universal app on Windows 10

Staff Writer

In general, cameras are superior to phones when strictly taking photographs but unlike phones most cameras, particularly older ones, lack the option to share those photos. Eyefi Mobi SD cards can be put in the SD card slot of cameras; giving the camera the ability to connect to other devices. The Eyefi Mobi app for Windows Phone 8.1 was released by Eye-Fi Inc in June and today the developers released an Eyefi Mobi universal app for Windows 10.
The Eyefi Mobi cards can store any photos taken with the camera, but they also have the ability to send (via Wi-Fi) and organise those photos on other devices with the Eyefi Mobi app. This is a pretty nifty function and ensures that photos won’t be lost even if the device is lost or damaged. Eye-Fi also offers a cloud solution as a paid option to store photos.
The latest update also brings with it the following changes:

  • Windows 10 Universal app
  • Automatically connect to the card when the app launches or when photos are available on the card.
  • View photos by camera they were taken with
  • Album view for big screen experiences
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

The Windows 10 Eyefi Mobi app can be downloaded from the Store for free via the link below.

Price: Free