Eye-Fi is now available on the Windows Phone Store

Sean Cameron

Eye fi

Being a Windows Phone user over the last few years has generally meant one thing: sacrifice. While Android and iOS receive everything shiny and new, Windows Phone is generally left in the dust.

That is unless Microsoft steps in, as it has once more, this time with wi-fi enbled SD card manufacturer Eye-Fi. Microsoft has helped to bring a first-party Eye-Fi app to Windows Phone, available now.

Modern cameras remain far superior to mobile devices in the sphere of picture taking, but not in that of sharing. Transferring images between the two, especially with older devices, can be quite difficult however. Cards like those made by Eye-Fi allow a quick and easy transfer of images between compatible devices while on the go, meaning that photographers who own a Windows Phone now have an excellent utility at their disposal.

For others, such as FlashAir, there is still no official options available.

Do you make use of an Eye-Fi card? Will this benefit you? Let us know in the comments below.