Express yourself with GIFs, search the web smarter with the Bing iMessage Extension

Arif Bacchus

Bing, iOS, iPhone

Microsoft today announced the launch of the Bing iMessage Extension, ultimately enabling iOS users to express themselves with GIFs, search and easily share places, movies, and more from the web without leaving the conversation. To use the extension, all it takes is to install the Bing app on iOS 10, and then head into iMessage and enable the extension.

iMessage Extension
iMessage Extension

As seen above, with the extension you can respond to messages with GIFs. You also can share what you’ve previously found, or find something new by tapping on dedicated areas within the extension for restaurants, coffee shops, or movies. The Bing team describes the features of the extension:

While sharing a Bing link was a good way to pass along content that users had common interest in, surfing back and forth between messaging friends and sifting through a multitude of movies or restaurants is a hassle. The Bing iMessage Extension allows you to share a restaurant or movie card directly so it’s easier and quicker to make plans. Search and then share multiple restaurants with a group of friends to help make a decision.

If this extension has caught your attention, you may access it by first downloading the Bing app for iOS, and then enabling the extension in iMessage. We’ve included a download link for you below, and also invite you to drop us a comment with your thoughts!