Exciting upcoming features on Bing Chat: Hear responses aloud without voice input, and more

Priya Walia

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AI-powered Chatbots have become a lifeline for personal and professional communication in the digital age. Aware of this fact, Microsoft continues to innovate Bing Chat, ensuring it remains competitive, efficient, and user-friendly.

The tech giant’s Mikhail Parakhin recently confirmed the debut of some exciting new features to Bing Chat via Twitter.

Pinning conversations

The capacity to pin conversations, allowing users to designate priority to critical or regularly accessed dialogue, ensuring that they can be easily retrieved from within the chat interface.

Hear responses aloud without voice input

Another feature would allow users to hear responses aloud without voice input, all thanks to the remarkable strides in Microsoft’s AI technology. This enhancement is expected to elevate user engagement on Bing Chat and provide a more immersive experience for those users who prefer auditory communication over text-based one.

Categorize chat history

The categorization of chat history is an important feature making its first appearance. Recalling the content of multiple chat sessions can be overwhelming. The new feature would allows users to classify their chat histories, promoting more efficient searches and superior organization.

Full-screen mode

Another new feature that enhances the user experience is the full-screen mode. With the upcoming feature, users will have the option to hide the chat history and exploit the chat interface in a full-screen view. The functionality is designed to offer an immersive chat experience devoid of inconveniences.

Notably, Parakhin responded to a user on Twitter, confirming that their experiments with hiding threads were unsuccessful. This was primarily due to users forgetting or struggling to find them. However, he reassured the other features requested are currently under development “in some form.”

Although a specific timeline wasn’t given, it’s plausible to expect the features will be rolled out in the forthcoming weeks.