Everything you need to know about Windows Phone 8.1 in just three videos


Windows Phone 8.1 - Everything you need to know about Microsoft's newest mobile operating system (video)

Earlier today, Microsoft rolled out the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview for app developers. Windows Phone 8.1 includes a ton of new features, including a new Action/Notification center, lock screen customization, Start Screen wallpapers, Cortana, and much more.

While you sit and patiently wait for Windows Phone 8.1 to install on your Windows Phone device, you can take a look at three official Microsoft videos recapping everything there is to know about the new operating system update. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore showcases the new features, offers tips and tricks, and much more.

Check out the videos embedded below. If you have any tips or tricks for the operating system, let us know in the comments below! We’ll have a full post recapping all the tips and tricks, as well as a full review of Windows Phone 8.1 soon. Stay tuned!