Evernote and MetroMail for Windows Phone 8 updated with new improvements

Hammad Saleem

MetroMail for Windows Phone

App updates are always welcomed. They come as a good news for users as they clear out bugs and introduce new features as well as enhancements to improve the overall app experience. Recently, the popular Evernote, as well as the MetroMail app for Windows Phone received updates – bringing along several new features for both apps.

Evernote was bumped to version and brings an improved note editor featuring indentation, inline attachments, table editing, and more. Here’s the complete list of features introduced in the latest Evernote update:

  • Better note editor:  
  • Edit pictures in preview 
  • Mask pin code on unlock

MetroMail is an excellent third-party Gmail client for Windows Phone devices, which lets users make the most out of the service. It’s quite popular between Gmail users, but with the latest update, the app introduced support for Outlook as well, and comes with a bunch of new features for Outlook users. Some of them include the ability to attach files from OneDrive, different tile colors for each account, HTML signatures support, and more. Here’s what’s new in MetroMail v2.0 if you’re an Outlook user:

  • Swipe actions for managing emails
  • Attach multiple files from your OneDrive account
  • Ability for editing replies (plain-text only)
  • Individual tile colors for each account
  • Individual notification sound for each account
  • Individual toast notification support with night mode for each account
  • Tile counts are synced across all your devices (i.e. reading emails will reset the tile count on all your devices)
  • Concatenate multiple accounts under one unread counter (for use with a single live tile or the lock screen)
  • No longer break threads for non-Outlook (e.g. Thunderbird, Gmail) users when replying to emails
  • Proper handling of embedded email images
  • Choose between small/medium/large/original when attaching photos
  • Support for HTML signatures

Heard over to the Windows Phone Store and grab the latest updates. Evernote is available for free while MetroMail is going to cost you $1.49.