Even the packaging for the Xbox Adaptive Controller is accessible: watch the unboxing here

Arif Bacchus

The Xbox Adaptive Controller was first unveiled in May, and shortly became available for pre-order, but Microsoft today is now showcasing the very special packaging for the all-accessible Xbox controller.

According to Microsoft’s Kevin Marshall, the packaging on the Xbox Adaptive Controller is designed to create a “unique customer experience with physical touchpoints, visual and material cues, and structural elements.” He explained that there’s no need for a disabled customer to use their teeth to open the packaging, and there are also no painful zip cords, twist ties, to deal with. You can see this in the video below, where the unboxing is simple, clean, and efficient.

Microsoft engaged with research groups in order to come up with this packaging and built many versions of the packaging. Marshall also says that Microsoft aimed to do something new and different with the packaging space and “push boundaries beyond what has been done before.”  This is best seen in the areas listed below, as explained by Marshall.

  • The single-shipper and retail package have been designed to “unfold” to reveal what’s inside with minimal friction
  • Every major step of the unboxing incorporates loops. Loops are a highly proven lever to assist in accessibility. The leveraging of loops begins with the tear-strip on the single shipper, kicking off the out-of-box experience seamlessly.
  • On the retail box, a specially designed ‘break-the-seal’ label (which keeps the box lid secured to the base) employs two loops, for multi-directional removal.
  • An open cavity area under the controller, enabling multiple ways to remove the controller from the box, including pulling via the loop or sliding it out directly.
  • The box has a low center of gravity, grounding the unboxing experience and creating a sense of stability for the end-user.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller will be released in this September, and you can pre-order it now on the Microsoft Store for $99.99.  Features include 19 3.5 mm jacks for plugging external switches, buttons, mounts, and joysticks. There are also two giant programmable buttons, and symbols along the top side to help gamers find the right ports.