European price drop for Xbox One on the cards in time for Christmas?


European price drop for Xbox One on the cards in time for Christmas?

Price matters, and this is certainly true in the ever-competitive world of consoles. The war between the PS4 and Xbox One continues, and it’s looking as though Microsoft’s next line of attack could see a price drop, at least in Europe.

Over on NeoGaf, an eagle-eyed web browser spotted that the Spanish version of the mobile Xbox website shows the console priced at €349.99. No announcement has yet been made by Microsoft, so it’s not clear if this is official, or if it is a mistake. Even if it is a genuine price, there’s no guarantee that the same price would be in place round the rest of Europe — although it would fair to assume that other countries would fall broadly in line with this pricing.

While it might seem like it is some time away, Christmas is really only just around the corner, particular when looked at through the eyes of retailers. It would make perfect sense for there to be a drop in price around this time of year–faced with a choice of two major consoles, parents shopping for presents for their offspring could well be swayed by price.

It’s not clear whether another price cut for the console should be seen as a sign of desperation from Microsoft, or a bold and aggressive marketing tactic. If it turns out to be true, it is gamers who stand to be the winners, although Microsoft will also reap the benefits of being able to welcome new owners to the fold.