Enjoy fast-paced arcade action in "On The Run", now on Windows Phone

Michael Cottuli

Another addition to the set of mobile games on Windows Phone has rolled onto the scene. “On The Run” is an action-packed arcade game which has players take the wheel of a car and ride off into the sunset. The game is mostly based around score, and has players collect gold to buy upgrades, and find some unique vehicles (Monster trucks and airplanes, for example) to traverse the treacherous highways that make up the game’s stages.
“On The Run” looks to be a fairly standard mobile game, great for folks who want something to play with when they have a bit of time for themselves. I wouldn’t expect a very deep experience from it, but it’s fairly polished for a mobile game, and its progression system will be able to keep you entertained for multiple sessions.

If you have any interest these types of games, you can pick up On The Run for free on the Windows Store. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.
On The Run™
On The Run™
Developer: Miniclip SA
Price: Free