Microsoft Edge is set to get mouse gestures soon

Kevin Okemwa

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Microsoft is currently working on adding mouse gestures to Edge. While Microsoft has been releasing a ton of features as well as updates to Edge to enhance its user experience, mouse gestures are one of the most requested features.

With mouse gestures, users will now be able to navigate better and perform useful actions with quick movements of the mouse. Microsoft had previously indicated that it had no plans to roll out this feature to Edge users, but it seems the company has changed its mind.

Microsoft briefly details how the feature works in its Edge policies documentation as highlighted below:

This feature provides an easy way for users to complete tasks like scroll forward or backward, open new tab, refresh page, etc. They can finish a task by pressing and holding the mouse right button to draw certain patterns on a webpage, instead of clicking the buttons or using keyboard shortcuts.

We are likely to see the feature make its way to Edge through a future update. It is also worth noting that the feature is yet to ship to the preview channels. In the meantime, you can join the Edge Insider Program to leverage this feature once it ships.

In related news, Microsoft is also working on a new version of Edge dubbed Phoenix. Some of the changes to be expected include a Fluent redesign to align it with Microsoft’s products and services as well as better integration with Windows.

via: Neowin