Edge Canary for Android feature allows users to sync saved passwords with their Microsoft Account

Devesh Beri

Edge Canary for Android is testing a feature that allows users to sync their saved passwords with their Microsoft Account, as seen on X. This feature is expected to be included in an upcoming version 121 of Edge.

Users can either sync their passwords to their Microsoft Account or export and delete them from their device. Additionally, there appears to be an option to encrypt the sync data with a passphrase and review synced data and settings.

There are some benefits to syncing passwords with a Microsoft Account. It streamlines password management across devices, making it more convenient and accessible. It also provides a backup solution in case of device loss or compromise, which enhances data security. Furthermore, this feature ensures a seamless cross-platform experience, making it easier for users to access their saved passwords on various devices.

Every coin has two sides. Although the downsides mentioned below may not seem significant, they can concern some users. It requires users to trust Microsoft’s security measures and privacy policies. Moreover, this approach may limit users’ flexibility if they prefer other password managers or platforms for their digital needs, as they may become locked into Microsoft’s ecosystem.

via MSPowerUser