EB Games to sell official Xbox Gear merchandise in Australia

Brad Stephenson

Official Xbox merch at EB Games

Australian video games retailer, EB Games, has begun selling a variety of official Xbox merchandise that’s typically hard to come by for local gamers.

Unlike in the US, Aussie gamers can’t purchase anything from the online Xbox Gear storefront and are forced to either import from a specialist store or hope that the occasional product appears in local stores such as JayJays (where several Xbox tees are also currently available).

The EB Games website already has a variety of official Xbox t-shirts for sale in addition to an Xbox cap, an Xbox lamp, Xbox socks, an Xbox notebook, and an Xbox travel mug.

Microsoft began to make concerted efforts to evolve the Xbox brand from being purely about gaming to being more of a lifestyle brand last year with the launch of the Xbox Gear line of clothing and its associated online storefront. The company has since added to the product line on a fairly regular basis and has even released exclusive items at events.

To celebrate the new collaboration with EB Games, the official Xbox ANZ Twitter account is holding a competition which you can read about here.

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