Eastern Europeans can’t buy an Xbox Live Gold subscription, frustrations taken to Reddit


Eastern Europeans can't buy an Xbox Live Gold subscription, frustrations taken to Reddit

Nothing is worse than having an Xbox gaming console and not being able to use Xbox Live. You become restricted in so many ways. You feel incomplete. Well, one gamer from Slovenia has taken it to Reddit to vent about not being able to purchase an Xbox Live subscription. In fact, several Eastern European countries can’t even purchase the Xbox or Xbox Live.

“The situation is beyond ridiculous. We have Windows, Windows Phone and Office in our language. We can develop, publish and buy apps for W8 and WP. And yet, we still can’t buy an Xbox Live Gold subscription (this is the main reason for my open letter),” the frustrated gamer stated on Reddit.

Apparently, those who live in Croatia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Bosnia, Serbia or Slovenia, or any other Eastern European country, are unable to purchase an Xbox Live subscription. The Xbox One or previous versions of the Xbox might not even be available for sale in these countries either, but managing to get your hands on an Xbox unofficially is typically a popular thing. Or you can import.

“I want to buy an Xbox One and use all of its features with my main Slovenian account. Online gaming, Skype, watching photos on TV from my SkyDrive, free games for XBL Gold subscribers, etc. But without the XBL Gold subscription, I won’t be able to do any of that stuff,” he adds.”

Either way, if you currently own an Xbox One and have an Xbox Live Gold membership, be thankful you were able to get your hands on it with ease. Hopefully Microsoft will allow those in Eastern Europe to do the same. We’ve reached out to Microsoft to comment on this “open letter” and Microsoft have reassured us that they are actively working on bringing Xbox features to other parts of the world.

“The Xbox Live community is growing and becoming more diverse every day, with more than 48 million active members worldwide. We realize that Xbox customers around the world want to enjoy the full breadth of features Xbox Live has to offer, and we are actively working to scale the service to other parts of the world,” a Microsoft spokesperson told WinBeta.

So there you have it. Do you live in a country that doesn’t have an Xbox One or Xbox Live?