Early Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta shows new theme and functionality


Adobe’s popular flagship digital imaging software, Photoshop, is set for an update with next years Creative Suite 6.0 and there are several new changes that are sure to create a buzz. Of the new features to note, we get to see a darker interface theme, new 3D capabilities, autosave, and several tool additions.

Photoshop CS6, which is set for release around May of 2012, now features a more Apple Aperture-like user interface. As you can see from the screenshot below (obtained by AppleInsider), the new theme replaces the light platinum look found in existing versions of the application. Of course, if you do not fancy the new look, Adobe is offering an option to revert back to the classic look.

Photoshop CS6 will also have some new palette icons that provide with an updated take on the classic design, and several new enhancements to the 3D capabilities of the application. The updated Photoshop will have a new “3D Material Drop” tool, as well as a “3D Material Eyedropper Tool” and a “3D Text” tool.

On top of all that, Photoshop CS6 will also have a new “Remix Tool” and new tools such as “Spot Healing Brush”, “Healing Brush”, “Patch”, “Perspective Crop Tool”, and “Red Eye” tools.

Users can also enable or disable “HUD Vertical Movement varies Round Brush Hardness” as well as “Snap Vector Tools and Transforms to Pixel Grid.” You will also be able to enable or disable text drop shadows.

Keep in mind that Photoshop CS6 is still in beta and these new features could be removed before the final version hits stores in May of 2012. Anyone looking forward to this new version of Photoshop?