E3 2017: OG Xbox backwards compatibility will support disk and digital, System Link on all 3 console gens

Brad Stephenson

Xbox One X Console

Microsoft’s Albert Penello has confirmed on his Twitter account that the original (OG) Xbox backwards compatibility feature that was just announced at E3 will indeed support both disk and digital versions like the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility.

Those who have purchased OG Xbox games digitally either on the OG Xbox or on Xbox 360 will be able to re-download them again on any Xbox One console once they’re added to the backwards compatibility library. Something particularly impressive is that these games will also support System Link play across OG Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles. It’s unclear how exactly this would work or if the feature would be adapted with online functionality.

System Link was essentially a way to network up to 16 Xbox or Xbox 360 consoles via cable for local multiplayer gaming sessions. No date for OG Xbox backwards compatibility has been announced yet.

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