E3 2016: ReCore gets a new gameplay trailer, release date of September 13, 2016

Michael Cottuli


ReCore was announced back during E3 of 2015, and a lot of people were pretty impressed by it. The game has a unique and distinctive style, and it shows off some of the best qualities that the Xbox One has when utilized properly. The game has a fairly colorful world for something that’s set in a sandy post-apocalypse, and has some of the most inspired designs that we’ve gotten a look at in the past few years.


Above you can see the first gameplay trailer for ReCore, which shows off some of the robots that make up the cast alongside our human protagonist. They’re the same cast that we saw in E3 2015, but we now have some personality traits to look at. If you cared at all about the  progress of the game, you’ll be happy to see what ReCore is becoming.

Watch closely, and the release date for Xbox One and Windows 10 is also revealed to be September 13, 2016. Because it’s a part of Microsoft Xbox Play Everywhere, you’ll only pay once to play on both platforms and you’ll be able to share progress across both.