Dying Light 2 crossover event with The Walking Dead announced

Robert Collins

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Custom

Techland has announced the latest Dying Light 2 crossover event. This time it’s a true horror fest with two of the genre’s biggest names as The Walking Dead from Skybound Games joins the zombie-slaughtering fray. “Survive, scavenge, and slay the undead like never before!” reads the event’s official tagline.

Not much more details have been given so far, nor does there seem to be a launch date set for the crossover. The post simply says “Stay tuned for more info.”

Earlier this year Techland warned that it has plans to “pull out all the stops” with Dying Light 2: Stay Human. As game director Tymon Smektała said in an interview with The Gamer back in May,

“Our next update, planned for early summer, is focused exactly on this – we’re ramping up our night experience, making it even scarier. We hope to create a tense experience that will make our players ‘shit their pants’.

Featured image via Xbox.com.