DuckDuckGo’s Emall Protection service is now available for everyone

Kevin Okemwa

DuckDuckGo for Mac

DuckDuckGo launched its Email Protection service last year in private beta, specifically designed to cover users from email trackers and help them maintain their privacy. But now the Email Protection service has finally hit open beta which means that everyone can make use of it.

Essentially, the service lets users have a private or personal DuckDuckGo address, thus making it harder or people to access your real email address. What’s more, it blocks trackers from hitting your inbox thus keeping your current location anonymous as well as the device you are using. The Email Protection Service also provides users with a detailed account of how many trackers were in a particular email and where they originate from.

With that said, email addresses are open to everyone now as it is available across all platforms. It is also worth noting that there’s no cap placed on the number of private email addresses that you might want to create. To that effect, DuckDuckGo is also incorporating a couple of new features, among them, link tracking protection which is in place to help identify and remove tracker links included in emails. Smart Encryption is also being introduced which helps transform unencrypted links to be more secure for the user.

And finally, DuckDuckGo has a new self-service dashboard which will let users change your forwarding address as well as make changes on your @duck,com accounts. Users that would like to make use of the feature will require the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials extension for Firefox, Chrome, Edge or DuckDuckGo’s Mac browser.