Dropbox Windows 10 UWP app updated with video casting and more

Mark Coppock

Dropbox has had a UWP app available for Windows 10 for some time now, and it’s provided a fairly complete set of capabilities. Now, the company has published a blog post highlighting some changes upcoming to the Windows 10 app.

Version 4.3 will include the following functionality:

Cast your videos to other screens

Stream easily your videos stored in your Dropbox using your laptop, tablet or phone to another screen with just one button. The app supports DLNA, Miracast, Xbox, etc…

Advanced comments notifications

In order to improve your productivity, you can now reply directly to comments from the Action Center or toast without needing to launch the app

Save/Export multiple files at once

Save your time and export/save many files at the same time. The download is now asynchronous, no more “downloading” screen, you can continue to use your Dropbox even during a download.

New UX for file actions

Right-click on a file/folder will now display a flyout menu instead of multi-selection, you will be able to quickly share or manage your files.

Improved full-screen mode

Full-screen mode for images and videos by hiding the system tray, your videos/pictures will use 100% of your screen.

That seems like a nice set of new functionality and enhancements, and we’re glad to see third parties like Dropbox continue to provide advancements to their Windows 10 apps. The update doesn’t appear to be available yet in the Windows Store, but hit the update button and see if it’s ready to go. You never know. Or, download the app from the link below.