Dovetail Games Flight School and Flight Simulator will soon be on Windows 10 PC

Dave W. Shanahan

dovetail games flight school

In a recent blog post, Dovetail Games announced that Flight School and Flight Simulator would soon be available on Windows 10. Dovetail Games bought the rights to Microsoft Flight Simulator back in 2014, Dovetail has developed two new games for Windows 10 PC set to arrive later this year.

Dovetail Games Flight School will be the first Windows 10 game to arrive in April 2016; teaching virtual pilots the ins-and-outs of flying aircraft as well as getting them trained in the basics of flight simulation. Flight School will provide a great introduction to aviation, where players will learn to fly in authentic training aircraft and run through a gambit of tutorials and training missions. Flight School will also offer a Free Flight game mode, where players can roam through a vast open-world environment.

Paul Jackson, CEO at Dovetail Games, explains the flight simulation experience his team wanted to create for players:

“People have always dreamt of being able to fly and through Flight School we aim to satisfy that dream and give people the opportunity not only to learn to fly, but to really soar as they explore the world. Flight simulation has always been important in the world of gaming but it hasn’t kept up – the core experience hasn’t progressed since the launch of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X back in 2006. Our aim is to get back to that place, to restore the former glory of flight simulation as an enjoyable and engaging pastime. Consumers today expect a much slicker experience across all genres. They want to be led to a place where the focus can be on reaching great levels of accomplishment, rather than struggling to get to grips with the operational aspects. And that’s precisely what Flight School will deliver.”

Dovetail Games looks to release Flight Simulator at the tail end of 2016. Flight School will be available in April 2016 in the Windows Store and on Steam.