Double your MS Rewards points for mobile searches in Edge… if you use Bing

Arif Bacchus

If you’re currently one of the millions of Edge users on Andriod or iOS, but also a Microsoft Rewards member, you might want to visit on your mobile device using the Edge app. The reason why? Microsoft is currently doubling MS Rewards points for mobile searches done via Microsoft Edge mobile.

This doubling means you can now earn up to 200 points per day (10 points a search) for searching on Bing via Microsoft Edge Mobile. The 200 points are up from the normal 100 points (and 5 points per search) which you will usually get for searching via Bing on other mobile web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

The offer

This offer appears to be US-only, as one of our writers in France is not seeing it on his Microsoft Rewards dashboard. It’s also not clear when Microsoft plans on ending the offer, as it’s listed on the dashboard as “for a limited time” only. Anyway, it’s still a great chance to pile up those points and spend them on Microsoft Store giftcards, Xbox Giftcards, and more.