Dona Sarkar: we’re aware of Bluetooth issues on Windows 10 Mobile

Jack Wilkinson

Bluetooth issues have plagued Windows 10 Mobile users on the Windows Insider program for quite some time now, with a bug in the Action Center effectively freezing their devices for a time, or forcing users to restart their device.

The issue is when turning Bluetooth on-and-off via the Action Center. Turning it on works great, but if you then proceed to turn it off, your device will freeze with the Action Center being left open. This can sometimes be worked around by pressing the lock button and after about a minute, the device will lock and then you can unlock it, however, this doesn’t always turn Bluetooth off, either. Sometimes you may even need to restart your device by holding the power button, as it causes the device to freeze indefinitely until you do so.

We reached out on Reddit earlier today, to see if others were also experiencing the issue, it appears this is a widespread issue across many builds, but it has never been brought up publicly, until now.

Following the discussion on Reddit, we also reached out to Dona Sarkar, Head of the Windows Insider program, via Twitter, to ask if her and the team were aware of the issue, Dona responded very quickly with:

Whether Microsoft was aware of the issue before today or not is unknown, but they are now following reports of the issue on Reddit and, presumably, the Feedback Hub. We’ll likely see a fix for this issue in the upcoming Insider builds ahead of the Anniversary Update release.