DJ mixer app ‘edjing’ for Windows 10 snags new improvements

Michael Cottuli

A lot of DJ’s don’t feel the need to dive into any program to mix their music, but there’s definitely a lot to be said for the skill of DJ’s who want to get truly intimate with their library and remix songs. For DJ’s like this or even ones who want to try remixing for the first time, there’s a Windows 10 app which is opening the door to remixing for a new group of music lovers. Edjing is an app that lets users put down two different tracks and remix to their hearts content, even letting them spin the tracks like vinyl.

The app is pretty solid, and lets users do a pretty decent amount with their music. Changing the pitch of a song and calculating its BPM is pretty useful when you’re trying to make two tracks work together, and there’s a certain novelty to spinning some of your favorite digitally recorded songs like vinyl tracks. Since Edjing is totally free, there’s nothing stopping you from picking it up right now and giving DJing a try.

It should be noted that the program isn’t perfect just yet. While its basic premise is solid and it does what it set out to do, the app isn’t necessarily optimized as well as it could be. Many users run into an issue where the app crashes when you try to add new tracks, which can be pretty annoying when you’re trying to put work into a remix. On top of that, the app isn’t necessarily all that intuitive to users who aren’t familiar with DJing already, which could prove to be something of a problem for some users.

If these shortcomings aren’t going to bother you at all, you can go about downloading Edjing through the Windows Store right here.