Display and Glance system apps for Lumia updated with improvements and fixes

Fahad Al-Riyami

Display and Glance system apps for Lumia updated with improvements and fixes

System applications on Windows Phone don’t usually get much attention unless something has gone terribly wrong. Fortunately that is not always the case as the apps can also bring forth welcome improvements to your device.

Today, two such systems applications for Lumia have been released by Microsoft. Starting with the ‘Display’ app, which allows users to customize display settings and fine-tune its color profiles, the latest update brings bug fixes and improvements to the usability and brightness profiles. I wasn’t able to notice any differences with the updated version and no, it doesn’t feel faster. I haven’t played around with the update to notice whether it fixes the Lumia 1520 from mistaking a scroll for a tap but we’ll know soon enough.

Secondly, the ‘Glance’ app was updated, although it came with no changelog unsurprisingly. The app did get a name change to ‘Glance Screen’ which would make a little more sense to newcomers. Glance Screen also got a UI layout change, as it longer has to load your lockscreen settings anymore, which always took that extra second we are all so impatient to wait on, so that’s nice. It also requested to restart my phone so make of that what you will. It seems like a more significant update than the Display app.

It’s nice to see that Microsoft is continuing to provide updates for system applications as they roll out to the entire range of Lumia devices, from the 520 all the way up to the latest generation of devices. You have not been forgotten. Provided you’re running the Lumia Cyan firmware update at least.

Do let us know if you notice any other changes or improvements to your device following these system updates, it’s always good to hear that that one annoying bug was indeed a software issue than a hardware one!