Disney is reportedly considering becoming a “gaming giant” through a major acquisition

Robert Collins

As Disney’s fortunes have declined throughout 2023 the company is reportedly mulling over its place in the video game industry as a potential area for growth. According to this new report from Bloomberg, executives are urging CEO Bob Iger to go all in on gaming with a “bolder transformation from gaming licensee to gaming giant.”

How might Disney do this? Through a major acquisition—specifically Electronic Arts has been mentioned in the reports. This would be a massive acquisition indeed, perhaps even rivaling Microsoft’s pending merger with Activision Blizzard. However, as Bloomberg’s report says Iger has been “noncommittal” on such a move.

Disney Gaming would have access to a catalogue of popular franchises like EA Sports FC and Madden NFL

A buyout of this sort would appear to make sense for Disney, especially when such deals are all the rage right now with even Netflix getting a piece of the gaming pie. Ubisoft has also been mentioned as a potential acquisition target for Disney. Either way, Disney would get control of a huge portfolio of major gaming franchises.

Featured image via Fandomwire.