Disney Infinity game devs working on a new Microsoft Studios title

Brad Stephenson

Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds on Xbox One

One of the many game studios that worked on the popular Disney Infinity game series, Studio Gobo, announced today in a tweet that they have begun a “new partnership” with Microsoft Studios. No further details were provided beyond the basic announcement though it’s probably safe to assume they’ll be working on a new video game for Microsoft for the Xbox One, Windows 10, or both. What sort of game that is though is anyone’s guess.

Studio Gobo could be working on a new toys-to-life franchise and there’s definitely room for that in the market due to Skylanders seemingly taking a break and LEGO Dimensions now being they only true competition. Disney Infinity was incredibly popular with casual consumers and gamers of all ages and apparently wasn’t cancelled due to money reasons but was in fact shelved due to a company-wide decision to have Third-Party studios produce Disney-licenced video games. The new Star Wars Battlefront video games, which are made by EA not Disney, are a direct result of this decision. Of course, the new Studio Gobo/Microsoft Studios title could be any genre of game really.

What sort of title do you think they’re working on? Let us know in the comments below.