Discuss: How should Live Tiles on Windows 10 Mobile be refreshed?

Joseph Finney

Live Tiles are a major differentiator when comparing Windows to other operating systems. Not only are they visually different but they embody a unique idea that content should be viewable without opening every app. The concept of the Live Tile is sound but since their reveal on Windows Phone 7 they haven’t changed. Anyone using a Windows device quickly discovers how Live Tiles are a blessing and a curse.
While they look nice and present content without opening an app, they are still simply app shortcuts. Even in Windows 10, Live Tiles remain simple static images which refresh at their own mysterious pace. One prime example of this frustration comes from the MSN News app Live Tile which cycles through headlines, but there is no way to flip forward or backward through the headlines on the tile.
If there was some way users could interact with their tiles they would become much more interesting. Users could flip through headlines or stocks or weather or twitter notifications without ever opening the apps. This method of interaction would further fulfill the original intent of Live Tiles. How do you think Microsoft should represent this type of UI? Vote below! If none of the options below appeal to you, suggest a better option in the comments!