Discover the evolution of working with Office 365 and WeWork

Staff Writer

In a blog post today, Microsoft Corporate VP Thom Gruhler discussed a new partnership with the company WeWork, utilizing Office 365 Business and points on changing ways in how we work. In his post Thom discussed three ideas on these new changes in work related environments:

  • Cloud Connectivity: With the increase of mobile devices in the work place, the ability to collaborate and work from various devices to locations, becomes increasingly more necessary. This is fueled by cloud connectivity through services like Office 365.
  • Freelancers: More people are wanting flexible work schedules, meaningful work and a focus on specialized skills, freelancing will become more popular within these coming years.
  • Workplace: With an increase in freelancing work, organizations will need to equip their workers with meaningful tools and work, to retain a their workforce.

Microsoft has teamed up with WeWork because of a shared interest in creating such collaborative work environments and equipping people to achieve more. In order to to accomplish this, Microsoft is offering members of WeWork a 25% discount on Office 365 for Business and Business Premium subscriptions. Office 365 gives workers the ability to create, edit and collaborate on Office projects within Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Outlook, across virtually any device through cloud connectivity. This design allows workers within an environment like WeWork to have the flexibility to move wherever their work takes them. WeWork is a company focused on changing this definition of work space by using a subscription based model for renting out work space within their offices. Users get access to benefits from various partners, access to internet networks, conference rooms for interviews or meetings and an open atmosphere geared towards individuals wanting a collaborative environment for work.

Workers have the opportunity to work from various cities and countries around the world, avoiding the constraints of a static office address and opening up opportunities for better networking. Offering the Office 365 Business subscriptions to those who subscribe to WeWork gives them the tools to effectively work from anywhere on the globe and simplify their work loads. With this focus from the company WeWork and points that Thom Gruhler addressed, do you see the corporate work environment shifting to this type of structure? Let us know in the comments.