Developers given more tools to integrate Uber into their app

Michael Cottuli


Uber has been an app that seems to have taken the world by storm, offering an easy to use and relatively affordable service that outdoes the status quo of sub-par taxi cabs in just about every conceivable way. On top of being a solid service, Uber has also done a good job of making sure that it has been integrated into several other services, including Google Maps and Cortana. Uber, however, isn’t content with the current state of its integration into other applications.
It was recently announced that Uber is starting a brand new initiative to encourage developers of apps both big and small to implement Uber. By signing up on Uber’s dashboard, developers can get access to the code necessary to put in a simple Uber button right next to any address to which the user might be inclined to ride to. With this, implementing Uber is something that any app developer can do, and do without needing to jump through any hoops.
On top of a simple way to make sure that app users can get to where they need to go, app developers have a bit more to gain out of this arrangement. It was teased that this agreement could, in fact, earn some “additional revenue” for your business. How exactly this is meant to take place isn’t entirely made clear, although we were made privy to the new “Uber affiliate” program, which earns developers $5 for every new rider they refer.
Hopefully, with this new integration potential with Uber, we’ll see small-time app developers get a drastic shift in the right direction in the potential they have to interact with their customers. Uber continues to impress with the way that they reach out to other developers, and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.