Developers explain how Microsoft Edge was made in new video

Sean Michael

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a new browser that first shipped with Windows 10. It is the replacement of the oft used and often criticized Internet Explorer and has a variety of features that Microsoft is trying to use to draw in users. In a video from Microsoft the developers of Microsoft Edge discuss how they made the browser and ask people to join them in their development of their new browser:
In the video a long list of developers explain parts of the process of making the browser. They point out that Microsoft Edge was developed in a little over a year and took three million lines of code to make. Microsoft Edge runs on an entirely new engine and requires developers to use multiple programming languages on a regular basis including C, C++, HTML 5,  JavaScript, and Node.js.
While Microsoft Edge has high speed tests and features such as web annotations and Cortana integration, it is far from finished. It struggles with stability and lacks things such as extensions and certain tag dragging options. Some features, most notably extensions, are on the way and should ship in an upgrade relatively soon that should also improve all around performance.
Both the video featuring developers of Microsoft Edge and users say that the browser is still in development. The video closes with multiple developers asking people to join them in its development to help the browser continue to improve.