Developers can now use Botkit to build new apps for Microsoft Teams

Arif Bacchus

Along with today’s rollout of guest access in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft today announced that developers can now use Botkit to build new apps for Microsoft Teams. The announcement is part of Microsoft’s commitment to making it more easier for developers to build apps for Teams.

Botkit for Microsoft Teams will provide developers the necessary tools to build apps for both internal use and for customers. Here is a bit more on what Botkit has to offer.

  • Teams compatibility in the core Botkit open source library
  • A Teams starter kit that includes a sample application with examples of unique Teams capabilities like compose extensions and tabs as well as bots
  • Full support for Teams features in Botkit Studio as well as Teams-specific authoring tools including a manifest generator and card previewer
  • Conversational analytics tools to provide stats for your bot <coming soon>

Microsoft has also announced that Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Experience Cloud will soon be available in Microsoft Teams. You can learn more about today’s announcement by checking here, and you can get started with Botkit for Microsoft Teams by clicking here.